Or “What’s Yours?” 🙂

20160128_1228_SaltPepperThyme_MeatLoafWellingtonOnMash was Thursday. Meat loaf in puff pastry on top of mash potato. Mmmmmmmm.

Friday I went for Chef’s choice and ended up with 3 courses:
(1) a turkey chilli/soup20160129_1400_SaltPepperThyme_TurkeyChilliSoup
(2) tender steak, with gravy on mash, and with collard greens 20160129_1408_SaltPepperThyme_SteakMashGreens
(3) then a chocolate dessert 20160129_1433_SaltPepperThyme_ChocolateDessert

All good “rewards” from Salt.Pepper.Thyme for getting my chores done 🙂