So Tuesday was another warm and sunny day.

Rode up to Jesup. Looked like a nice town. And Cafe Euro served a nice BLT with latte.
And my thanks to the kid, who gave me a chuckle for the day, by running his toy car over a sports car 😉 Car belonged to a friend of his mother 🙂 🙂 🙂

There were some weird odours as I rode north.

And the scenery was pretty much more swamp, and trees.

Till I rode into Claxton, which promised fruit cake.
I had missed my usual Marks&Sparks Christmas Cake, so the promise of fruit cake diverted me.
Pity. Not real fruit cake (IMHO). Hydrogenated oils and sodium benzoate added. How come we had Christmas Cake at home that was some 8 months old, WITHOUT sodium benzoate, etc….? And Marks&Sparks can create a real cake. Shame about Claxton.

But Statesboro hove into view, quickly enough. However finding the Eagle Creek Brewery (reason for my visit) turned out to be much tougher. Is tucked into a building by the railway and at a tricky junction of Main&Savannah. Luckily the Visitor Center has Katerine, who helped me find the place.

Rode back and found the brewery, but opens at 5pm. Cafe next door closes at 3pm. Needs more co-ordination? Still, had a great chat with Will 🙂 An ex-rider, who will never think of coq-au-vin in quite the same terms 😉

Rode off and booked into a motel, where Kafeel (on reception) had visited London, Pompey and the Isle of Wight!
As I checked the wifi, found an email from Nick letting me know, Jamie Vardy 2, Liverpool 0 :):):) You can catch Vardy’s first goal here. It is worth a viewing.
I unpacked and took care of the bike.
Then out, to find there was a footpath behind the motel that ran DIRECTLY to the brewery!!!

Once inside the brewery, found that you had to take a tour in order to sample some beers. Go figure. Some places have weirder laws than even Toronto! Took the tour and ended up voting for their Brown Ale.

And to Spencer, who was my guide, I have only two things to say (a) Thank you (b) RUN AWAY!!! hahahahahahahahahahahaha

Chinese next door to the motel, was good, friendly, and they threw in a free soup 🙂

Richard & Pat says:

That is one of the prettiest goals I have ever seen. Seems so simple and easy but…

Lahodynskyj says:

To the chorus of Quanta La Mera / Guantanamera, we all sing “There’s only one Jamie Vardy. There’s only one Jamie Vardy. One Jamie Vardy. There’s only one Jamie Vardy……..” :):):)

PS: Maybe you should get your boots on, and give ManU the help they need? They cannot buy a goal.