Statesboro Day 02 & 03

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and the horror! Well. Just the rain.
Was biblical at times. LOTS of rain.

Still. Room is comfy. Internet is fast. And the Main Street restaurant is accessible from within the hotel. The burger and the lamb were AOK.

Uncle George gave some places to head to. I did ask him just for hints as to breweries to visit 🙂 Things haven’t changed. Even from the first, Uncle George has led me astray! Yea Uncle George!!!

However, the weather next week is proving to be a challenge. This coming weekend is warm enough. Next week though, becomes chilly. I should have stayed in Canada? hahahahaha
So I think I will head north-east and then north up the coast. That way I will avoid the mountains, and the real cold.
Sequoia National park demonstrated the impact of elevation on the weather. So best to avoid the high ground.

The planning meant siting in front of the computer. So today, Thursday, I took a walk around the GSU. Museum and botanical garden. Despite the rain, even the gardens looked good.

Then I stopped by at Southern Growlers, just out of curiosity.
Quickly went on for lunch at 441, where there was good food and brilliant chat. Then back to Growlers, with Pay-oh (Boston financial wiz). More discussion on the merits of Millwall (or lack thereof) and approach to interviews. Plus the pro’s and con’s of the various brews.

Real espresso on the way home. Plus discussions on , politics, marriage and taking Christianity into the home, Ireland and Turkey. Who says you should not discuss God and Trump. Or are they the same? hahaha

Supper was Southern Palace, again.

Thence to bed, after writing up this blog.

G’nite all.

PS: Vodka shots are only $2 here. Not that I am interested, but some of you readers may want to visit Statesboro. Just south of the main GSU campus.

Susan G says:

I didn’t get an email..Been a crazy few days. Call me or Matt. We hope you are here for Super Bowl..lots of fun

Lahodynskyj says:

Glad we chatted. Shame about the MagicJack. Seems to be breaking up often via the laptop.
Have fun Sunday.

PS: I found more Bronco fans at Highland Brewery 🙂

PPS: My friends from Asheville are in Canada :):):)