Friday, Augusta n Sierra Nevada

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Up to a FROSTY morning.

Packed the bike and ran north to Augusta. Looks like a place that had great days, and is still struggling to stay alive. I stopped by at the Canal Visitor Center. As a lad, I grew up along a canal, so was interesting to see what’s what.
Canal was the brainchild of Henry Cumming, son of the mayor, and brought industry into Augusta. The water was used to power the factories. First canal was too small, with insufficient water flow. Was rebuilt to 3 times the original size.
Nice lunch on-site at Fat Man 🙂
Nice couple from Calgary, who flew in via Toronto. The city without snow………:)

Then a run north to Sierra Nevada brewery.

Now my theory is to run north. Wait the weekend. Then run east. This should keep me away from the cold and wet weather that is coursing through the southern USA.

Chose Hwy178, as looked to be on lower elevation, to get to the brewery. Was quite the series of twisties. And much higher than it looked on the maps. So MUCH colder than expected.

I was beginning to shiver, by the time my TomTom missed the brewery. TomTom took me to the roundabout OK, but then missed the main gate. I think it was trying to take me to the tradesman entrance 🙂 I mention this because the main entrance is a HUGE gate, with an outstanding concrete driveway, that wends it’s way to a modern-day chateaux. See pictures below…..




As they would not let me pitch my tent onsite, I had one small beer, and found a hotel.

Unpacked the bike. Did the usual service.

And to sleep. Have to be up early for Leicester vs Man City…….

Roman says:

Forget about Leicester, what about something important like visiting the home of The Masters?

Lahodynskyj says:

Tried that. But they would not let me ride the course. And I am so North American, that I abhore walking. Hahaha