Leicester win, and I go for a stroll

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What a way to wake up. Leicester beat Manchester City 3-1, meaning they stay top of the Premier League and extend their lead 🙂 🙂 🙂 You could have had odds of 5,000 to ONE at the start of this season, for Leicester winning this league.
Man City dropped to 3rd in the table later in the day, as Spurs win and move up to 2nd.

So up for a stroll. See where I should go for supper. And what shops are available.

Ended up at Highland Brewery. 2hrs early, as they do not open till 2pm on a Saturday.

With the sun shining, I checked my emails, ran some research on camping sites, did my Tai Chi, plus chatted with the staff and other early arrivals.

The tap room was fun. And even a sippers of cask ale. But the chat was fun. And hopefully I have convinced more people to vote for Trump 😉

At 5pm I popped into Troy&Sons distillery, for more fun.

Supper was at the food trucks on-site.

A walk home.

Doctor Who on TV.

Plus a proper cuppa. Did I tell you I am now travelling with my own electric kettle? Can make a proper cup of tea 🙂

Perfect day.

PS: Weather seems to be as predicted. The east coast is clearing up. And the cold weather is set to move in here on Monday.