Was a sunny but chilly morning. As I rode to the MOA head office, it warmed up. The office was downtown Greenville, which was alive with pedestrians.
I then rode out to the BMW facility, where the office is to be located, later this year, and took this photo………..

I then stopped for lunch and bumped into another BMW rider, who was from Scarborough, Ontario!!! We chatted, then I headed east, and he to Mexico.

Charlotte hove into view, and I reasoned that there was time to visit the Carolinas Aviation Museum. Small exhibit area, but does hold the “Miracle on the Hudson” aircraft. Brought down by Canada geese, and crash landed on the iced up river, with zero casulties.
By the way, the holes in the front of the fuselage were not made by the geese, but during the recovery operation. Nice to know that the aircraft bodywork is tough.

Then off to find a motel. The temprature has begun to drop, noticably. Best to be indoors before it is dark.

My plan was to run east and avoid the weather, but is turning out to be trickier than expected. So am staying 2 nights, which should get me past the snow, forecast for tomorrow.

After unloading and taking care of the bike, I watched parts of the Superbowl.
Shame the Panthers lost, as they are located in Charlotte!!!
But SusanG and Matt were rooting for the Broncos, so they are happy!

In between the game, I found a nice lamb shank with rice.

And now it is time for bed.

Richard & Pat says:

Say Hi to Charlotte for me.

Richard & Pat says:

Just watched the stupid bowl. What a waste of time. I can hardly wait until the Euro2016 this summer. Just think, one month in june/july of real footie.
And then the summer holimpics.
What to do in the meantime…
Oh, I have to do the laundry.

Lahodynskyj says:

Good footie.
Good food.
Good wine.
The holy trinity 🙂
Allez! Allez!
Allez! Allez!