Happy New Year everyone. Welcome to the Year of the Monkey.

So today has been spent planning. Even in today’s age, you still need to go through paper lists to find what meets your needs. And it was only in the 1970’s that people started talking about the paperless society. Two generations ago.
Now I am living proof that you can survive electronically.
But there is some way to go. Especially in trying to locate a camp site, and see the long range forecast for an area in the USA.
The planning leads me to head west. Camp for a week, and then I should be able to see friends in Chattanooga.

After the planning, some chores, eg: laundry, then out for a stroll.

The promised snow for Charlotte turned out to be a light drizzle in the late afternoon 🙂 So the stroll included a rainbow.
West and North of here, however, are getting snow.

The stroll enabled me to go to a Chinese buffet for supper. Seems only appropriate 🙂 Happy New Year everyone. Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Robert says:


I did respond to your Christmas blog, but missed the funny little sum at the bottom and then messed it up only to have everything disappear. I don’t do social media, but I guess sending you a Christmas card to your old address was a waste of time unless you arranged for post to be forwarded to post boxes. Will try to follow you a bit more often, but wish you luck and look forward to seeing you in July.
P.S. I showed Toni how to connect to your blog so you may even get something from Barry 🙂

Lahodynskyj says:

Tks for the update.

And you and I know that Barry will only respond if Toni does the typing :):):)

PS: See where I was today

Richard & Pat says:

Happy New Year to you too. You cheeky monkey.

Lahodynskyj says: