All Best Laid Plans………

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Was up and packed and on the road. Weather chilly, around 5degC, and cloudy. But I had a park to get to, and along the back roads. So zoom, zoom, zoom, but not too quickly.

A quick stop in Carthage for good soup. Then back on the road.

Was led astray in Fayetteville, by a sign that took me to the Airborne & Special Operations museum.
Neat place. Full of photos, of fit young men, wearing parachutes and other military gear.
Smart museum. And free. They only charge for the simulator rides.

For Canadians.
If you visit, there is no mention of Canada in the D-Day landings! Juno Beach was a Canadian affair! Included the original “Scotty” from Star Trek, more properly known as James Doohan. A famous Canadian 🙂
I have sent in my 2 cents worth. Let see how that goes.

This visit cut into my time to get to my camping spot. A park in Kinston.

All best laid plans of mice and men. haha.
The park was under water!
Not all of it. Not the buildings. But much of the grass.

Was drawn by the history.
Then as a bonus the Chef and Farmer restaurant.
Found a place to stay, then went back to the restaurant. Restaurant was fun, but not great.

Will catch the Kinston history tomorrow, and figure out a plan B 🙂