Caught up with history in Kinston. The only full-sized replica of a Confederate warship, the CSS Neuse. I must have ridden by this at least 3 times last night.

And here is me standing with arm outstretched, reaching part-way up the prow. Remember, I am 6ft tall, soooooooo….. 😉

The ship was fitted with twin screws, only some 30 years after the invention of the first prop-driven boat.

Then off, for a quick ride into New Bern, founded by the Swiss. Cute little place.

First stop was the Visitor Center. Aside from info on New Bern, had a really nice chat, on marriage and kids. Hahaha

Next stop was the Pepsi place where I had a float and chat.

Received direction to Baker’s Kitchen for so-so food.

Then a ride-around and a walk-around.

Fire-fighter’s museum and the 99 brewery were closed.

Trent River Coffee was open, so I popped in for an espresso. The coffee was OK. The chat was priceless. Hard to imagine there is someone with a wider range of conversation than me, but I think Bob out-matched me 🙂 Now if I could only remember all my “take aways”………..but the “Why boil peanuts” is the only one I remember. By the way, I have tried them, at the Jacksonville Flea Market. Best said, “An aquired taste”. Unfortunately, wikipedia does not really answer why people boil peanuts, just how the practice arrived in the US.

Now it was time to get to the camp-ground. But as I had to walk past the Beer Army, thought I should step in. My advice, do not step in. Keep walking.

Rode over to the camp-ground, but the driveway was a challenge of deep pot-holes and loose gravel. Having fallen over once, I was not anxious to do it again.
Still, did remind me of Augusta, which for some reason had lots of pot-holes, all filled with loose gravel, scattered by cars.

Found a motel nearby. Filled up with real gasoline. And rode over there.

Unloaded my gear. Had supper at the Pizza Hut. Which was OK. And understanding came.
Food in the USA is based on sugar, starch and protein, from some kind of chain. Veg, if seen, is out of a can (green beans) or freezer (fries, etc). So if you have never had real food, anything that hints at real food seems good. All making me think that I should have just headed south, back to Salt.Pepper.Thyme 🙁

During supper, I heard that some towns in North Carolina have recently been declared a ‘Food desert‘, all I can say is that this could apply to most of the USA.
Not true? Check out this map. Ooooops. That explains the lack of fruit and veg in the areas I have been riding. Sad part is, people could grow the fruit and veg easily in this climate.

Went to bed after going through a box of tissues. I have caught a cold. Maybe this lack of real food, and riding in the cold is getting to me?

Awoke at 9am. Elected to stay another night. I was not ready to head out. And the cold weather is to continue, with Sunday being the coldest.

Have spent today napping, and updating this blog. Whilst working my way through another box of tissues.

But am off tomorrow, back to Fayetteville. Promise of Thai and Curry, ie: food with veg. Also theatre.
As well as the Airborne museum. Maybe they will have put the Canadian flag on the D-Day exhibit 🙂