Weather forecast was for a bit of rain/snow by the afternoon. As I packed a few flakes, then a little rain. Rode off AOK. Hoping to see the Atlantic, but the rain and clouds were too much, to see past the islands.

Rode into Jacksonville (North Carolina) and found a place for spaghetti&meatballs.
Stood around until the water had drained off my suit.
Ate. Only half. There was WAY too much.
Then rode off.

Some 150km from Fayetteville, the rain turned to ice. Started on my helmet and visor. Was getting hard to see. Kept having to bash my visor so the ice would fall off.
Became really funny when I stopped to fill up. Lots of ice had built up on my jacket. Fell off, like tiny pieces of glass. It was everywhere. Pretty 🙂

Was a short run from the petrol station to the motel.

Here is a photo of the bike on my arrival.

I unpacked. Parked the bike. Lub’d the chain. Cleaned the shocks. Filled up the petrol tank. And put the covers on.
I was able to get most of the ice off, except on the windshield.

Still. Safe and sound. In a comfy room.

And for all the cold, wet and wind, the cure was simple. Delivery. Chinese won-ton soup, and chicken curry. Plus lots of my tea 🙂

G’night all.

Richard & Pat says:

WOW! And we had -25 yesterday and about -18 today. Warming up to 0 tomorrow. Think I’ll get my flip flops out and go running on the sand in the Beaches, NOT!
Go south young man, go south.
Stay warm and safe.

Lahodynskyj says:

Truth. Weather is a bit of an issue, more than expected.
Still. Adventures are made by doing what seemed like a good idea at the time! hahahahaha

But I am thinking that this cold weather is following me. So unless Toronto donates to a fund that keeps me out of the city, I will come back and bring all this wintery weather with me 😉