Saturday was spent working my way through a box of tissues, whilst napping.

One of the naps was caused by watching ManU’s loss to Sunderland. Funny how being 5th in the English Premier League can be considered a failure. But a loss to Sunderland, the perennial EPL relegation escape artists, cannot be considered good.

A short stroll seemed AOK, until one got out of the sun. In which case, it was downright chilly.

An early night.

Up early Sunday morning (6am) to watch Leicester City play at Arsenal. I was really happy after the first half. Your team being 1-0 up has that effect. Jamie Vardy scored 🙂 The second half was totally enthralling being full of end to end play, and events. Read the match report above. We lost 2-1, and I bet two of our defenders wish they had played with a bit more discipline. Though making Arsenal play for 70 of the 90 minutes without getting a shot on goal, speaks volumes of the skill of the whole Leicester defence. Especially as that was 16 minutes after Leicester were down to 10 men.
Mind, we still remain top of the table!

Snoozed through Villa’s loss of 6-0.

Then up and rode to the Airborne Museum, again, so I could ride the simulators. Shame. Was an iffy set of animation sequences, with a moving platform. All sort of movies, real and Hollywood, do much better.

Rode on towards the JFK version of this museum, but TomTom was lost in space. The clue was having TWO entries in the GPS, some 20km apart, with the same name. Hmmmmm.
Rode to to the nearest. Not there.
Ride another 20km or go for food? And I have had only tea for breakfast.

So found the Shalimar Tandoori restaurant. Had a lengthy and tasty lunch. Filled me up.

Popped over to a supermarket for some fruit.

A stop downtown for a real coffee. Nearly stayed for a movie, but the temperature had been zero (degC) all afternoon, and it was getting colder. Plus a promise of rain tonight.

So back home. Where the bed had been re-made. New towels put in.
I may never do housework again. Hahahahahaha

Ran through some paperwork and caught up on emails.

Then a cup of tea, and some EXCELLENT cookies (biscuits) from The Fresh Market bakery.

And updated this blog, and comments.

Which reminds me. It is easy enough to add comments. Go ahead 🙂