Monday was a cold n rainy day. Perfect for planning the next cycle. And relaxing. And munching the fruit purchased yesterday. And early to bed.

Tuesday found me up EARLY (before 6am), to find that the wind had blown my motorcycle over. Weather forecast was for heavy rain and heavy winds, but this is ridiculous! Out and popped the bike upright. Easy without the gear. That is when I noticed that the wind must have also pushed the bike a couple of feet before knocking it down. Awesome.
Did not put the cover back on the bike, to give less chance for a repeat performance by the wind. Meant that the rain could give the bike a rinse 🙂
Came out later, after the rain had stopped to check the bike over. Only issue being a slightly mal-adjusted indicator light. Put the cover back on a somewhat cleaner bike.

Made some calls.

Chinese for lunch.

Then naps and the rest of the fruit, whilst reviewing and updating the plans.

Back on the road tomorrow.

Feeling much better, as the cold has pretty much run it’s course.