Pulled into Chattanooga and found a spot to stay.

Picked up some chocolate from the Hot Chocolatier for a “hostess gift”.
My thanks to the family that let me go first!

Rode over to Susan’s. Scored a Tennessee shirt, and excellent pork pot roast.

Then back to my place where I parked the bike, so that Matt & Susan could take me to a karaoke bar. Nah. Don’t worry. I did not sing, especially after finding out that the whole business was televised!!!! The Internet has a lot to answer for!!! Streaming live karaoke!!!! The horror! Well. Much of the karaoke was good.
Drinks and chat were good too.

Matt&Susan dropped me off.

Next day up and a stroll around the downtown. Then meet up with Susan at English Rose. High tea. But more importantly, a pot of real tea 🙂 Nice.
Matt missed the afternoon, as had to go off and do some parenting work. Never stops……..

We then popped over to The Pub on Frazier, run by a friend of Susan’s. Nice crew inside. Susan knows them all.

And for a nightcap, we went to another bar, close to my hotel. Front of the line treatment. Susan really does know everyone!!!

Outstanding hospitality. Always well taken care of here in Chatt.

Richard & Pat says:

Choo Choooooo!
Ride ’em cowboy.