Memphis and Beale Street

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Had to be Beale Street 🙂

A sort walk got me there, so popped into the first likely bar, the Blues Hall Juke Joint. Was not great.
Moved onto Club 152, where the drinks had alcohol 🙂 And the band was good, really good guitar work. The guys at the door told me this was the house band, Mercury Blvd.
Next was BB King’s bar, where I had to wait, and wait and wait for a drink, only to find that it was not worth the wait. And the music was not that good.

So time for supper. Headed out to Gus’s for their world famous fried chicken. Was good, but the batter was slightly overcooked. Good part, Carol the waitress pointed me in the direction of Krazy Canucks, for food from home and cheap drinks on Tuesdays.

Back to Club 152, where 2 mins later a couple from the Juke Joint came in, and we carried on our conversation. Yeah !!! Hahahahaha
We left Club 152, and I started home.

Susan G. interrupted my walk, by texting Silky O’Sullivan’s name, where they have dueling piano’s. Was a fun atmosphere, though the Guiness was in tiny glasses. My request of one of the piano player’s led a group of lads to notice my “Leicester”, resulting in a request for a photo, and a free Guiness for your’s truly.

Memphis is a fun town 😉
Some very good music.
But things to watch out for:
(a) IMHO they will short change you on cocktails and size of the draft beers. Depends on the bar. Club 152 worked for me.
(b) smoking is still allowed in some bars

The walk home was easy. Nice to be somewhere close enough to the action, but far enough for peace and quiet.