Turns out I had a VERY good time on Beale Street last night. Judging by the way I felt this morning. Guess I am not cut out to drink cocktails 🙂

Took a slow walk downtown, and had breakfast (nice roast pork sandwich).
Next to Starbucks for a latte, and read the local newspaper.

First tourist stop was the Gibson guitar factory. One of 3 in the USA. Highlight was the final stage, where one of the technicians was playing a guitar to make sure it was truly ready to go on sale.

Then a walk to the river. Had to. Remembering this tribute to Memphis by Janis Ian & Willie Nelson

Took this photo…..

Next place was the Cotton Museum, as cotton really did build Memphis. Spent 2 hrs there.

Started to walk to Victoria Town, but after an hour of walking in the rain, gave up and decided to head for a cup of tea.

The Peabody Hotel was an oasis of civilization. Scotch and tea was the order of the day. Cute sugar shape, as below…..
And yes there were ducks in the fountain. March down 11am. March back to their penthouse at 5pm. Awesome.

Feeling dry and warm, I ventured a hundred metres in the rain, to Kooky Canuks, where I had vareniki (perogies)…….
……and a potato&rib soup.

Back out into the rain, and flooding street, I debated walking the mile or so back to the motel. Then called a cab.

In the warmth and dry of the hotel, I have updated this blog, and am now going to bed. Have to be fresh to see Elvis tomorrow.

PS: Will get to the other entries later 😉

Roman says:

Perogies. Now that’s civilized.
Are they worth the drive to Memphis?

Lahodynskyj says:

Not when you have your Mum’s just down the street!!!