Dry and cool morning. Ran the usual cleanups and checks on the bike. Then off to Schweinehaus for breakfast. Hmmmmm. Wurst OK, but the goulash&dumpling were cold.

That worked to my advantage. Got to Hickory Flat and need to find food. Pulled into Papa Don’s(?) at this location

for an EXCELLENT lunch. Tasted like REAL FOOD made fresh! I was so happy:):):)
Lunch was spent chatting with a new friend Jack, ex-trucker and now full time chef on the BBQ !

Back on the road, feeling MUCH better.
Mississippi is OK for food :):):)

Richard & Pat says:

Only one song ever comes to mind with you after your “adventures”.
On the road again… bla bla bla.
And “Willie” by your side.
Still snowing today. Ugh! Time to move to the south of France. It’s 15 there today. Almost swimming weather in the Med.