Rode into Birmingham around 5pm. Started looking for hotels. First was sketchy. The second looked OK. Found the manager was a Brummie, but booked in anyway. Hahahahaha.
Seriously though, AJ is a good guy!

During my ride-arounds, found the Lyric had a show on. So booked into the hotel, changed my shirt and walked over to the theatre. Managed a front-row seat.
The building has been refurbished, and looks nice…….
The Alabama Symphony was a tight group. For the Mozart section they brought in a clarinet soloist, who added to an already excellent performance.
After the intermission a soprano, and chorus came on, to do a Weill piece. The story and music was a bit Tim Burton-ish, but the strip-tease made up for the discords. Who knew operatta could be this much fun?????

Next Stop? The Good People brewery. What can I say. Beer was good. People were better. And I am not saying that just because my bill was taken care of. True hospitality and great chat.

A short walk took me home 🙂