Started the day watching Leicester grind out a win against Norwich.

Early afternoon, weather warm and sunny, so took a stroll downtown. Picked up along a march route, some squares and then around. City was QUIET! You will see more traffic in downtown Toronto on a Sunday morning, then Birmingham on a Saturday afternoon.

Met Freddie in the downtown library. Told me about Fife, so went and had a meal.

From there I walked through part of the old-town. Then up along a bridge past Sloss Furnaces, where a wedding was taking place, and thence to Avondale brewery.

OK beer. Some good chat. Best part was Alison, who made a good facsimile of an Essex accent 🙂
My sincere apologies to Alison. Though I promised to meet at Cahaba Brewing, my BB Maps app took me to some Cahaba offices blocks away!!! If I had turned East along 3rd Street, instead of West, walked a block, I would have been there. Instead my app took me West. Cannot even say it was a scenic route.

Looking for Little Star Brewing on the way to Cahaba, came to the conclusion that it was closed, or out of business. However, nearby was Hop City, where I met the Three Sisters 🙂 Lots of chat and good intel.

We parted, and I went onto Trim Tab Brewery. DJ on site.

Then onto where my BB Map app was showing Cahaba. As I came up to the dark building, I noticed a couple ahead of me walking around, and then leaving. So my app was not the only mis-informed app.
I did find office doors with Cahaba written on them. But no beer. And no Thai food trucks.

Tried again, after searching through Google. But the app took me to some random highway on-ramp.

So I walked home, and saw a new take on an old, old idea. This is a new take on genesis. For the motorcycle…..

So home early, and to bed, after a chat with AJ.