Another sunny day. Turned out to be 19degC or more as I walked around.

Brunch was at Sitar, indian buffet. Filled me up for the day.

Then over to Grainger, to see if they had socks. Nope.

On for a nice coffee at The Abbey. And a chat with “Rumpole” 😉

Then a short stroll around the corner to Cahaba brewery, where the beer was OK, and the chat better. I think I may have undersold marriage, and oversold Trump 😉
Still. At least I am not a lawyer ! hahahahaha (you had to be there)

Was dark by the time I started out to The J Clyde. There I had a real pint. A pukka beer. The heck with this fizzy stuff. Get yourself down to J Clyde and have a pint of cask ale. Plus it is down an alley, so a great location.
Ended up chatting outside with a philosophy student and a part-time marine. Only in America 🙂

Ended up with a bit of a walk home, really late at night.

I like Birmingham.

Roman says:

Glad I wasn’t there. Memories of the Irish pub!

Lahodynskyj says:

hahahahahaha. Nothing like the Galway Arms. :):):)