Back to sunny days 🙂

Did some work on the bike. Chain, etc. No luck getting the box to pull away from the filler cap. Not a biggie.

Then of for lunch. Silver Coin was OK.

From there to see Vulcan.

Then onto Sloss, which is a work in progress.

Around the corner to Abbey coffee.
Best part was getting an email from Nick that Spurs had lost 🙂 Better still. Checked and found that Arsenal and ManCity had lost too!!! Leicester still top of the EPL 🙂
PS: For those who make bets. Gary Lineker promised to host Match of the Day in just his underwear, if Leicester win the EPL

Then onto buy socks. Yup. Even on a romantic, motorcycle trip, the mundane needs to be taken care of. Why do I mention this? “……two countries separated by a common language”. The greeter had no idea that I was asking where I could find socks!

Back for chinese (mu shu pork).
Update old SPOT messages sent before and whilst in Chatt.
And thence to bed.

Thursday is supposed to be another rain day.