Barber Museum and Tea

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Day started cloudy and cool, as I topped up the rear brake fluid.
To be honest, the German designers could have written better instructions in the handbook. Fluid reservoir is difficult to get to directly. However, the reservoir holds a rubber cup that makes the job easy. And literally meant that I only needed to add a thimble-full, to reach the max line.
All new stuff to me. Never seen this happen before. Usually AOK between service. Must be the mileage and loading.
Funny. Brakes were cable or rod back in my day! hahahahaha

Once the update from TomTom finished, I ran off to the Barber Museum. Had been here in 2014, with my nose pressed against the window, late at night. This time I entered the “candy store”. And what a candy store! Largest motorcycle museum…………in the world! They have some 1,400 bikes. Only 800 on display. All looking pristine. All dangling from the ceiling, pillars, as well as organized on the FIVE floors. By the end of this year, the annex will be complete, and most, if not all bikes, will be on show.
Do they have every model? Lots that I had never heard of. Including a few STEAM motorcycles.
One model, I can assure you, was missing. The Panther. 650cc. I had one for a time. Proof that I had to learn about there new fangled hydraulic brakes! hahahahaha

A quick word outside with a docent and a fellow BMW rider, led me to a bowl of bean&brisket chilli at Rusty’s BBQ. Nice food. Excellent service. Just do not mind the decor.

Then another ride for tea and scones at Town House Tea Shoppe. Nice proper pot of tea. Thin scones, but that means that you don’t have to cut them in half. Nice chat.
Word of advice. Despite the morning US map update, TomTom took me to the wrong part of the village. Apparently this is a common GPS issue. According to the owner, who is married to a viking.

A bit of a ride in traffic, to find Pepper Place. Revitalized area, with good espresso, but no market till April.

A ride over to Naked Art to buy a birthday card. Unknown to me, I was entering a QPR world 🙂 Good chat. Nice card.

Enroute home was the Garage Cafe. So I stopped in. No cask ale, but a black bean & sausage soup. Nice.

And home to update this blog, and rest up for the footie tomorrow.