Saturday morning watched footie. Spurs & Arsenal drew. Leicester won. Now sit 5 points clear at the head of the English Premier League (EPL). This time last season we were at the bottom of the EPL, 8 points adrift of safety.

Posted Eilene’s birthday card. Happy Birthday is in a few days time 🙂

Found a barber to tidy up my beard and hair. Q did a neat job. I should have told him my name is “Bond. James Bond”. haha

Thence to The J Clyde. So happy to have more real beer 🙂 🙂 🙂 Great chat with Jeff, who was kind enough to take care of my tab AFTER he left.
Matt behind the bar was fun too.
However, 3 Americans could not answer, “What has America done?”, even though they could have mentioned any Apple product, Gore-tex, self-inflating air-matresses, and micropore tape (can be used to directly cover small wounds).
Matt spun this one on me, by asking what has Canada done. “Insulin” was the first answer that popped out. Feel free to send in other answers.

The walk back included a stop for supper.

Up on Sunday to watch more footie.

Rode out to Aldi supermarket to buy fruit. Found the Seoul restaurant in the same plaza. Excellent Kimchi soup.

Next door was the Mediterranean store. Lots of good stuff, including oranges.

Went into Aldi supermarket to have a look. Found nice chocolate (fruit&nut) from Germany, and some other items.

Then up to the Vulcan Park & Museum. Found by ignoring my TomTom and following the signs.
To enjoy the view, there is no need to walk up the stairs, they added an elevator. Gotta love America.
Exhibit talked about the origins of Birmingham. Built AFTER the Civil War.
Statue was made for the St. Louis World Fair. Biggest cast iron sculpture……….in the world. Doesn’t look that big. Luckily the exhibit has a full-scale replica of the right leg, below the knee and foot. Huge.

Rode back, and updated this blog.

PS: To all my friends in Canada. It was 22degC and sunny today 🙂

Richard & Pat says:

Canadian inventions? Ha! That’s easy, there are tons.
Like the Robertson screw, pablum, cardiac pacemaker, egg carton, paint roller and the G suit just to mention a few.
Silly americans.

Lahodynskyj says:

THANKS :):):)

For the rest of my readers, check your item against, where you can update the list as necessary 😉