Farewell to Birmingham

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What can I say. All good things must come to an end. Been a nice time, but I feel the need to return to Canada.

Head out along 78 from Birmingham. First detour was to a covered bridge, which unfortuanetly is closed on Tuesday.

Still. Nice ride to Heflin. Found a Greek restaurant and had a gyros, and a piece of baklava. Both nice.
Also had a nice chat with Kojak outside his store 😉

Rode on to Atlanta. Hit the highway once the strip malls became one continuous parking lot. Found the traffic heavier than expected. Turned out that I had crossed a time-zone, so it was an hour later. And rush hour.
Found a spot with wifi and booked a hotel.
Traffic was still bad, so found another spot. Just a quiet downtown street. Got me some answers to some of the tourist spots, from kind passers-by.

Then back on the road and ride to the hotel. Booked in. Thankfully, there was a dolly and elevator as I am on the third floor.

Supper was at Krystal burger place. Hmmmmmm. My advice. Do not go.
Worst still. There was no champagne. haha