Packed. Filled with fuel, and hit the highway. I have covered this part of the world several times. Time to be “ridin home“.

And in tribute to the political process underway in the USA, and pretty much everywhere else in the world, you may want to listen to this JJ Cale number 😉

The day was sunny, a little blustery and ranged between 24-27degC. Wow. Summer is here.
And apparently in Toronto as well. 22degC there! Thanks Roman 🙂

Rode by Charlotte and decided to call it quits.
Over a coffee found a place in Salisbury, some 30mins further. And a promise of good sushi and Thai.

Quick trip.
Unloaded the bike and headed out for supper to Sabaidee. A nondescript strip mall, on a nondescript road. Place looked shut as I parked in front. Had checked the hours so opened the door. Awesome.
Took a seat at the sushi bar. Reno-San took care of me. Was tempted to have more, just because it was so good. Real food. So happy 🙂

Back home. Update this blog, and have a cuppa. Perfect.

PS: “Sabaidee” is “hello” in Lao (main language of Laos).
PPS: FYI. Thank you is “Khorp Jai”.