Mother Teresa, BonBons and Warsaw

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Up and on the bike to 19degC and clouds. Heading to Durham and Miel Bon Bons.

Enroute stopped off at Tanger Outlet Mall. Was looking for some items, so asked the first likely person, Teresa, who was great. Lots of fun. And smart. Hopefully will swing by and say “Hi” to Reno…….:):):)

Peeled off into Hillsborough, as needed fuel. Found an Antique Mall, so took a rummage.
Had breakfast (sausage in a bun), then took a look at the Visitor Center. Had lots of fun and chat. then on to Durham.

Arrived at Miel Bon Bons to say “Hi” and “Thank you” to Bonnie, who rescued me on the trip home from Louisiana. 🙂 The previous trip I arrived by dropping the bike in front of the store. Things have improved. The state of the road and parking lot are much worse than last time. Lots of loose gravel, pot-holes and changes in elevation. This time I stayed up on the bike. Hence the improvement 😉

Said my farewells, and ran to Warsaw. Bike acted funny as I came into town, but sorted itself out after a fill-up.

Found accommodation, lub’d the chain, cleaned the shocks, and went for supper.
Smithfield’s was next door, and had been highly recommended by the two lovely ladies that I chatted with in Hillsborough. Sad to say, if they think this food is great, the USA is in trouble. I really miss Toronto and it’s choices of good food. And real veg. Just a bit more of the east coast to see, and then back to Canada.