Rode out of Warsaw bright and early. So early that I left my knee-armour in the hotel. Did not realize until I was over 100km away.

Filled up a couple of times enroute with REAL GASOLINE 🙂 Nice to see the bike run without a hiccup.
Maybe that ethanol has caused issues these past few days. Bike would stall briefly at the end of the day. Or as happened last night, cut-out whilst I was going through a junction. There’s character building for you!
No such issues today. Bike ran smooth. Sun was shining. Roads were clear. Perfect.

To add to my earlier comment that there is no adrenaline rush, there is that same feeling as in ballroom dancing. You and your partner, working together in harmony, negotiating the dance-floor. Same-same. Poetry in motion 🙂

Chose a coastal route, for the view, and the ferry from Cedar Island to Ocracoke. Did not disappoint.

Then another ferry across a much smaller gap, to Hatteras. This one was free 🙂 But was done in the dark.

Short run took me to my motel. Quick unpack then out for supper. First recommendation had just closed their kitchen, so took the second. Chowder was nice.

Back to unpack properly, run some chores, then update this blog.

Am looking forward to vegetables and Canada 🙂
All together now……..”I am sailing. I am sailing…..” 🙂