Up Saturday morning and prep the bike. Lube, etc.

Into the office at Cape Pines motel for a great chat on footie and Leicester City 🙂

First stop was the tallest brick lighthouse in the USA. Luckily only the visitor centre was open, so I did not have to climb the 200++ steps 😉 Was awesome to think that this whole building was moved.

A quick zoom along Hwy12 took me along past Rodanthe. Missed it. Wish I had missed the movie ‘Nights of Rodanthe’. There’s 97mins of my life I will never get back. haha
The outer banks had a much denser suburbia than expected. But lots of the expected sand.

Arrived at the Wright Brothers National Memorial. Was fun. And interesting. The brothers really thought about what needed to be done. Nice to see that.

On the walk around the grounds. Met a lovely young couple who were both riders. Great chat. And contrary to “husbands are not dolls” theory, he is dressed by his wife, and happy 🙂 🙂 🙂

Time for lunch. Especially as breakfast had been missed.

Headed to the Colington Cafe. They were still closed. Opening up in a couple of weeks.
NOTE: First time that I experienced a humped-back driveway 🙂

Was directed to The Salt Box. Oh joy of joys. FRESH VEGETABLES !!! Soooooo happy 🙂 And super nice people.

Rode off to the Military Aviation Museum, and then started looking for somewhere nearby to stay.

Sunday morning up early, but not early enough. “Spring forward”. It is time to get rid of daylight savings.

Rode back to the Military Aviation Museum. The Mossie is the best looking, and most impressive World War II aircraft, IMHO.

From there I headed north. Sun shining and way warmer than promised.

First stop on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge&Tunnel restaurant. The view was interrupted by the mist, that was there in the distance. Best part was the chat with a couple of birders, taking in the gannets. They also knew about the EPL! Sorry Arsenal fans (Paul), but I did laugh when I heard that Watford knocked them out of the FA cup.
Was quite the drive. Sometimes on a bridge. Sometimes underground.

Once on the other side, I put in the last of the real petrol and ran north.

Put on my waterproof clothing, at my next fill-up, as clouds getting darker, and the wind stepping up. Turned out to be a good move. Rain started as I arrived at the next bridge. As did the traffic jam. There was some kind of accident, so I pulled over and filled up. Chaps in the gas-station were really nice, and after waiting for the rain and jam to stop, I took their advice as to a detour.
Pulled into the hotel, just as the rain started in earnest. Luckily I could do my unpacking under the shelter of the upstairs balconey. You can do that with a motorcycle 😉

Ritchie says:

According to review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, the critical consensus holds that the film is “derivative and schmaltzy” and “strongly mottled by contrivances that even the charisma of stars Diane Lane and Richard Gere can’t repair”.

Lahodynskyj says:

IMHO, I think Rotten Tomatoes was being too kind to Nights of Rodanthe