Leicester and Luggage

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Up in the morning to pack. Found my LHS pannier would not attach to the bike. Way back, before this trip I had damaged the bolt. Looking back, it was remarkable that I was able to take the pannier off every day, and put it back, these past 4 months.
A quick call. New parts shipped by the kind person (Kris) at Jesse Luggage. Will arrive Tuesday.

What to do whilst waiting?

Updated the blog ref the weekend. Then in search of coffee, food, a couple of items, and a bar to watch Leicester City. The bar was fun, thanks to Thomas-the-welder, Tom Willoughby, and Tom-the-barman, for helping me have a great time 🙂
Of course. The winning goal by Okazaki helped 🙂 It was brilliant. Leicester remain top of the EPL, 5 points clear, with 8 games to go.

Went to bed happy.

Happier even to find after breakfast that my parts had arrived. Installed quickly. And they work :):):) Thank you Jesse Luggage!