Yup. Off to Annapolis College, to see how US Navy & Marine officers are made. Bit of kibbutzing with the volunteer ex-Navy guy behind the desk 🙂
Place is quite stunning. Built a long time ago, when they still put beauty into buildings. For example: Tiffany built the chapel window.
Had lunch at the Officers Club 😉
Took a stroll through the museum. Lots of lovely model boats. In wood, bone, copper and silver.
Things I did not realize? Graduating officers are awarded a Bachelor of Science degree. There is an academic component for this 4-year programme, as well as the usual leadership and physical skills.
Things I learnt? The Navy has a really neat way of storing their shoes on the inside of wardrobe doors.

Next part of the visit to Annapolis included the State Capitol building. All sorts of history happened there. Including George Washington resigning as commander-in-chief, after winning the war of independence. It’s OK. He got a new job. President. Served two terms 😉

Then off to do the rounds of knee armour places. Should have it by Saturday.

Rounding off with a tandoori chicken, and chai 🙂

And tomorrow is St.Paddy’s Day! Get to spend with Klaus et. al 🙂