Only the good die young.
Seems to be the way of the world.

Another good guy gone.

Technically not my uncle, but uncle to friends since college days. And grand uncle to my god-daughter.
But, with the ability to play guitar just like John Lee Hooker, and lead his nephews astray, eg:Newcastle Amber Ale bottle caps in our eyes, as we stood in a row, and up-staged the folk-singer! We all need an uncle like this! And did I mention, he owned breweries???? The last being Phoenix Ale Brewery. Yeah Uncle George!

I was blessed with having met him at a young age.
Uncle George did have a sense of humour.
Robert will never forget the ‘T.A. pen’ incident 🙂 The highly dangerous T.A. pen in Robert’s army jacket that Uncle George “disarmed”. All the while Robert was stuck as Uncle George had offered to help him on with his jacket, and neatly trapped him. That memory always brings a smile to my face.
As does the memory of the walks home across the hills, from the pub.

Uncle George had this ability to be good, very good, at whatever he did. Few people, the two-percent-ers in my book, can be consistently good at whatever they do. Uncle George was easily a two-percent-er, by my definition.

I am glad I saw him on this trip.

Pity that he went so young.
Yeah, I know. Three score and ten is our alloted span. But most live way past that these days.

R.I.P. Uncle George.

Or better still.

Uncle George, I hope you have started a brewery in heaven, are playing guitar with John Lee Hooker, and both of you have “stars” in your eyes.

PS: Here are a few links

On YouTube as part of a round-table interview for a book from Brooklyn Brewery’s founder.