And Lori, Douglas, Thomas and Henry !!!

A drive through the centre of Washington allowed me to revisit the sights from last time.

Arrived to an expected family affair. But instead the grown-ups went out to Kilroy’s with the neighbours to celebrate St.Paddy’s Day 🙂 A very good time was had by all 🙂 🙂 🙂

Back for a chat and Christmas cheer, an Austrian drink.

A good night’s sleep and off to Air and Space Museum. An excellent time. Only fees are for parking, the rides and movies. Entrance is free.

Came back to Klaus&Lori’s to find we are heading out to Pistone’s Italian Restaurant for supper. Excellent food. And old-style ambiance in a casual mode. Good choice.

Back for more chat which included Crown Royal, leading to starting plans for a meet in Munich. When? September would seem appropriate 😉

Sadly, I left Saturday morning. Should have listened to Klaus and Lori urging me to stay until the rain, and threat of snow, had gone. hahahahaha! What an idiot I can be!

Picked up new knee-armour at Heyser Cycle. They were really good about getting the gear in and on time 🙂
Plus Jen is a fount of knowledge, fruit and Brit candies. Though maybe because we share British accent 😉
For similar sterling service, you could try singing the praises of Liverpool, the footie club. ManU supporters need not apply????? haha

The rain was now steady and the further north I ran, the colder it became, until I was riding in snow. Luckily it was not settling on the ground. But it was cold. Just above zero. By the time I was at the Pennsylvania border, I was really wishing that I had taken Klaus&Lori up on their offer to stay longer.
A bowl of soup, and a few degrees rise in temperature, helped. Running into Philadelphia outskirts and dry weather helped more.

Filled up the bike. Next door was a Starbucks, so over a coffee&madelaines found a place to stay. Rode on and booked in for the night.

Lub’d the chain, and cleaned the shocks after unpacking.

Then Chinese and blog update, before I fell asleep.

Ritchie says:

Hey, what d’you mean by “Chinese” ? Please don’t respond with “read the rest of my blog in its entirety” .

Lahodynskyj says:

Chinese food.
About the only way to find vegetables, outside of fries and onion-rings, when on the road 🙁