Yesterday was a pleasant, sunny though breezy day.
The highlight was the sushi. Seriously good.
Then waylaid by Dunkin Donuts on the walk back to the motel 🙂

Cleaned boots as they were dry. That is the problem with leather. Takes time to dry. Still. A nice day to be sat outside doing some simple task.
Made some calls out to friends.
Then researching NYC. Not sure, but I think I booked a place……hard to tell as no confirmation emails 🙁
Early to bed.

Up early.
Checked the tire pressures.
Said farewell.
Rode north.
Not a long ride. Only to Princeton.

Hmmmm. SPOT did not post to this blog, though all the lights showed it did send. Pity. I was at Nassau Hall.

Had lunch at an asian fusion restaurant. Food was OK, so after a brief tour of Princeton went back for an espresso + crepe. Wheels fell off my opinion of the restaurant, as they could not execute this time around 🙁

Onto the motel, which was close by.

Looked for yesterday’s airbnb booking, to no avail. Hmmmmm.

Popped out to fill up the bike before dark. Rush hour traffic, and having to cut across two lanes in some 50yds. Builds character.
Then back to lube the chain, and cover up.

Booked a spot in Brooklyn. Will head there on Thursday.
This will have time to prepare my Easter bonnet for the parade. 😉

Had a couple of beers, at the nearby Crab Shack.

Then laundry time.
Am finding that I am using less and less clothing. And did not take much to begin with. Am almost back to the few items I took on the 2012 trip to Boston.

Myron says:

Lubko – It feels like you’ve been gone for a long time and in reality it has been. A trip of a lifetime with so many adventures and occasional mishaps.
St. Nicholas Church awaits you in Toronto. Stay safe.

Lahodynskyj says:

Am missing Toronto

Ritchie says:

Am curious about “using less and less clothing” , and wanting to make sure it’s not because you’ve decided to give America more and more views of what I’m sure was once a fine bit of wild buck (can I say that on here?). Please buddy, say it ain’t so!

Lahodynskyj says:

You are lucky only I can see your email address. That would explain your thoughts about less clothing 😉