Had a few things to take care of this morning. Then into Princeton.

Ran a recce on the university tours, then to lunch.

Heard about Cross Culture on Yelp. Was like the curate’s egg. The good was good though. And filled me up, as breakfast consisted of an orange.

Back to Princeton Uni. Parked the bike and caught the free shuttle to the preview of the admissions process.
Things I did not know about Princeton
– they play quiddich
– have a scramble band
– 83% graduate sans debt. The rest avg out at $6k
– they have a 7.1% acceptance rate
– you can study ‘financial engineering’ (2008 ring a bell?)
– students from USA and abroad, get same funding
Then onto the tour of the campus. Quite a nice campus. Bailed early so I could find Einstein.

So where do you find a museum to Einstein?
Back of a clothing store.
And you cannot make this stuff up.
Didn’t they like him at Princeton? The man who changed Physics forever!!!
Oh there is a statue. On a bit of grass outside the Uni.

At this stage I needed a cuppa. Had been sunny and warm all day. Found a pukka pot of Earl Grey.

Across the street to get a bite to eat at Agricola. Nice veggies. Real. Fresh. Tasty. So they do exist in the USA!

Walked back towards the bike, through the university, to find the Art Museum open, and free food 🙂
Had a chat with some new grads. The contemporary artist was switched-on 🙂

Rode over to the hotel via Dunkin Donuts for a nightcap. Don’t get too excited. It was a cup of tea.
Ended up with half-a-dozen donuts for free, so dropped off at the motel desk.

NYC tomorrow.
Place to stay.
Have a list of places where I may be able to park the bike.
Have drafted a list of places to go to. Including the NYC AutoShow. Son#1 says Nissan GT-R is worth a visit.
All together now……..”New York. New York……..

Richard & Pat says:

Looks like nice weather in NYC. We have freezing rain.
On another note, bought some seeds to plant for this year’s crop. Can hardly wait.

Lahodynskyj says:

Am working my way back to T.O.
Please get rid of the freezing rain. Pretty please!
On another note. Did you see the goal Vardy scored for England? “There’s only one Jamie Vardy! One Jamie Vardy. There’s only one Jamie Vardy” hahahahahahah