Friday @ NYC AutoShow

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Had some work to do in the morning.

Then on to the NYC AutoShow.
Some nice cars. Some weird new stuff.
This is the car that I went to see. The Nissan GT-R.
Looked really good from the rear. Which is probably the way most people will see this car, hahahahaha.
Did you spot me in the photo?

Unexpected benefits of owning a Beemer, you get to enter the BMW Lounge. No espresso, nor aqua frizzante. But comfy seats. And one of the original M1’s. And a nice view.

And here is another selfie. Probably the closest that I will ever get to being a saint. 😉

There were test rides available out back. But only as a passenger. When you saw the hill, wibbly-wobbly and see-saw (teeter-totter) you could see why. Still. I used to be paid to do this sort of stuff……. and at night. Hahaha
Skipped the old cars, and other bits of the show.

Nice day. Went over to Mimi’s. It was OK. But I can do better.

Still. Got to see more of NYC as I walked around.

Came home, for a fresh squeezed veggie drink and a glass of red.

To bed early. Off to see the Statue of Liberty tomorrow.