Perfect Sunday in Brooklyn

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After church, I meandered towards the Brooklyn Brewery.

Espresso and pain au chocolat were along the route.
Then a cream cheese bagel.
And Mugs Ale House for a real cask ale 🙂 And two pints of water. Hahahahaha

Around the corner to Brooklyn Brewery.
You have to buy beer tokens to get beer at the bar, 5 tokens for $20. Still, by taking the tour, I gained a few more! Such that having had 3 beers before the tour, I was left with 7 tokens 🙂
No cask. Only on Fridays. Saturday if any left over.
Tried an IPA. OK. A tad light in taste.

Then out for a stroll.
Ended up by the river, sitting in the sun, watching New York across the river.
Was supposed to walk across the bridge and watch the Easter Parade, but on this Sunday, looked too far to walk. And who wants to see a bunch of hats anyway 🙂
Instead headed back towards the brewery, stopping off for a cuppa. And as it turned out, a nice chat, with a graphics designer, who was looking for a husband.

Back to the brewery.
Decided upon the Abbey Ale. Gained a free glass, though at $12 for the beer, they should give the glass, etc……
Conversation was with an ex-parachute-tester. Yup. You read that job description properly. After they came up with a design, they tested the chute on dummies. Then they needed a real person. Think of that the next time you are complaining about your job.

Headed out with my glass, in a bag to Mayfield for supper.
Had a great time.
6 courses and one glass of red.
Even met one of Dark North at the bar.
The food was brilliant.
The conversation even better.
Staff and owner better still. Even have a recommendation for Toronto!

Taxi home and to bed.
The promised rain has started.

Joan says:

Hey you! Nice meeting you on Sunday! I’m enjoying your blog so far. While I’m working like a slave I’ll follow your adventures. I want to see lots of photos of your Europe trip. Thanks again for the beer buttons. Stay safe – don’t drink and ride. 🙂

Lahodynskyj says:

Am drying out near Boston.
Not the beer. HEAVY rain. Really heavy rain today.
Dripped all over the pub floor, whilst having a cup of tea.

PS: nice meeting you too 🙂