A few pointers if you are going.
Book online. Keep trying if you cannot see a date you like. If that fails, you go and queue, for a long time at the building. Do not go with the ticket touts as they cannot get you to the island.
If you have a ticket, then you can skip the long line in front of the round building. The pickup window is elsewhere.
The other part, that no-one tells you, is when to go to line-up for the boat, you can skip the long line. Buying online you buy a specific time-slot. So you go through another MUCH SHORTER line, by the blue flag.
There is a full security screening before getting on the boat.
As for the boats, there are frequent. And the run is short.

Was a nice day. Water was flat. And there was an easy run to the island……
….where you hear the history. The tour includes an audio device, so take headphones.
Funny the French giving this to the Americans because they did not have any liberties themselves. Funny the Americans accepting, because liberty seemed to be restricted.

I did not go up the statue. Long walk.
Nor did I visit the pedestal, as I had to leave my backpack in a locker. Which required me to give up a thumbprint. Hmmmmm. Still no liberty in the USA!

Next stop was Ellis Island, for a quick stop to see if any of the family came over.
You can go to the island, queue, receive a slip with a promo code, OR, you can click on this link.
And no. The Lahodynskyj family did not pass through here.

Back on New York proper, had a bit of a walk, as the subway was shut. Now onto the Ukrainian museum.