Ukrainian in New York

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The Ukrainian Museum had a couple of artists on exhibit. Was fun seeing people I know donating to the exhibit!
Lots of hutzul exhibits downstairs, but the rest was closed.
On the way out I took a peak at the pysanky exhibit.
Then bought a Hnyzdovsky card, and chatted with the people ahead of me in the queue, who were from Montreal!!!

A quick stroll took me towards Veselka.
Luckily I was led astray by the canopy to Ukrainian East Village Restaurant. Inside it reminded me of Baby Point Lounge in Toronto, but nicer. REAL varrennikki.

Went across the street to get some kabanosi, but none of the dry variety. So a coffee appeared in order, but the nearby Starbucks was having plumbing issues. Still I met a pretty young journalist. Deja Vu all over again??????? hahahahahaha

We had a nice chat about Austria and parted. Me to Veselka. Nicer borscht. Terrible vareniki. But a nice lady, from Paris. Good chat. Must have been there for a while, as the waiter asked us to leave. Haha

Leaving there, I started towards the subway, when I noticed Lys Mykyta was open. Popped in for one. Stayed for the chat. Brilliant.

Took a while to get home. Beware NY transit. They hide the subway entrances.
For those who disparage the TTC in Toronto, come to New York.
Even the simple task of identifying the subway location is messed. Instead of bright lights showing the TTC logo at any entrance, you get nothing, or a round light, that may be green, or green&white. And dim as a Toc H lamp!
Then if you get on the wrong platform, you may have to pay again.
No transfers either. Pay when getting onto a bus too.
My advice. If you think you are going to use the subway or bus, more than 10 times in your visit, get the 7 day unlimited travel pass. Even if you are here just for the weekend.
Good part. The subway runs all night, so arrived home and to bed.

Up on Sunday morning and off to church. They use the new calendar, so it was an Easter ceremony.
Nice service.
Some nice voices in the choir.

Thus endeth the Ukrainian portion of NYC weekend.