Sailing to New London

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Up early in the morning. Had a fresh vegetable juice for breakfast. Packed and said farewell to Brooklyn. Airbnb worked again. Nice to stay with someone who knows the area.

Taxi dropped me off at VaxMoto and I loaded up the bike.

Ran out of town, along a wiggly-waggily route. TomTom has a strange way of routing.

First stop was the Cradle of Aviation Museum.
NOTE: TomTom again had the wrong co-ordinates. Had to ride around the one-way system a couple of times till I found this kids museum. Luckily, Google had the right location so I found the place.
Interesting place. Lots of stuff for kids.
I was surprised to find how much aviation work went on in Long Island.

Traffic had grown by the time I was out of the museum. But luckily they had an HOV lane that was moving well. Bashed on through the wine country. Wind was fierce at times.

Caught the boat from Orient.
The ferry was not setup for motorbikes. Did not have any tie-down places. However, the crew did a sensible job of making sure the bike did not fall over.
There was lots of time for a cup of tea.
After which I ping’d my co-ordinates from the top deck.
Another boat cruise whilst the sun was setting 🙂

Had booked the motel from the boat. And was an easy run from the dock. Just a nasty driveway to get into the car parking lot.

Once in, ordered Chinese for supper and prepare for tomorrow. It is good being back on the road. Though it was LOTS of fun being in New York 🙂

Richard & Pat says:

Do not come back to Wolseley Street.

Run away.

They are putting in “Fibe” cable for the condo on the corner and it is a mess.

Pat & I are ready to move out.

Plus, the Oak Leaf is clearing out all of the “innerds” with bucket loads of dumpsters in the back. Is this a sign that I should be wary of or capitalize on? Hmmm.

Other than that, glad to see you nearing the first phase of your journey.


Lahodynskyj says:

Ooooh. I do not know about the property market. My life is tied to my bike 🙂

Economy down here is doing well, based on the number of short skirts I see.
See this theory.

How economy in T.O. now Rob Ford is gone?