Tuesday in New London

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Up and made some calls.
Some about next week.
Others about more immediate concern.

Have worn my jeans out. Yup. Time for a new pair. The calls were to locate some kevlar jeans. None. Or none to fit. So back to cotton jeans. Found a pair. Made by Carhartt.
My thanks to the young lady who helped me get 30% off 🙂

Now time for lunch. Yelp had pointed me to good Italian at Tony D’s. Pity my TomTom GPS pointed me to the wrong location, but found my way there eventually.
Nice place. Deceptive till you get inside. Very nice.
I ordered lunch. Not many at the bar. There were 3 gentlemen talking. My ears caught the words “swingers in New London” and they noticed, and asked if I was part of that scene. hahahaha
We had a great chat.
Turned out one of the gentlemen was Tony D, and he took care of my lunch!!!

Now I cannot make an entry on Yelp. So here goes.
Bean&pasta soup was tasty. A bit thick for me. Nice cheese added, as well as pepper.
There was a salad, lettuce with dressing, that was nice.
The pasta special for today was fettuccini with pulled pork in a tomato sauce. Very nice. Sauce was the star.
Well worth a visit.

Went off to the Submarine Museum, but closes at 4pm, rather than the 5pm from Google.

Went in search of a clean motorcycle. When I prepped the bike this morning I noticed lots of white , that I had to assume was salt from the boat trip.
Found a place not too far from motel, courtesy of another wash crew. I did not want to pay the $50+++, so asked if there was a self-wash, plugged in the co-ordinates and set off.
Once there happy to find it was a drive-thru’. Means I can drive the bike in, and out. If you do not back into the other type, you have to find new friends to help you get out 🙂
Washed and rinsed twice.
Bike looks much better. And no salt stains remain.

Next stop was the laundry.

Then back to bed.