Wednesday was another sunny day. Looked like Martha’s Vineyard was do-able.

Swung by the Submarine Museum in the morning. Was worth the visit. If only to see the tight quarters.
Had a great chat with Chuck, the ex-cookie. Has family in the UK, and has travelled all over. Cooks are the most important people in any military, IMHO 🙂

Time for lunch so back to Tony D’s. Had an excellent pork with greens. And an espresso. Guys were great conversation again. Received some recommendations for my next stop.

Off to Providence, Rhode Island, up to Federal Hill, the Italian Quarter. TomTom GPS was having issues. this time it was being slow about my position on the road. Pulled over at a pizza house and bought what I thought was an individual pizza, with anchovies and garlic. Why not. Am on a bike 😉 Turned out to be a rather large pizza. So saved some for Ron (that’s lateR-ON )
Rode through town and headed on out to Falmouth, where I had booked an inn.

Roundabouts and highway running got me there quickly. The Coonamessett Inn was as expected, a nice place, where I had a suite. And they provided dressing-gowns.
Only sad part was the walking up&down stairs with my gear. But a nice room, overlooking the pond.

Parked the bike and lub’d the chain, etc……

Then popped next door to Jack’s for what turned out to be two nice IPA’s, and a chat with George and Gail.

Popped into my bar, for abuse from Mike 🙂 Was just like being back in England ! Had a couple of beers. Lots of ‘abuse’.

Then to bed.

Had checked the weather. Not much chance of riding tomorrow. In fact Martha’s Vineyard looks off the table, as their rains will be heavier. Then snow is forecast 🙁

Richard & Pat says:

Going to Martha’s are we?

Lahodynskyj says:

all best laid plans of mice and men……hahaha