Coonamessett Inn and Rain

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The promised rain started. So after an excellent breakfast I caught up on some chores, and looked at options for my next evolution.

Martha’s Vineyard was out. Rain and snow forecast.
So options were to run back into Canada, or stop off at Natick.
If I ran back to Canada I would miss James&Anne.

So found a place near them, and hoped the rain would be the promised lighter rain, tomorrow.

Had supper at the Inn and great chat with the bar-staff, and other Customers at the bar 🙂
No beers this evening. Just tea. Could be a hard ride tomorrow.

Up Friday morning to another excellent breakfast. Dressed, then loaded the bike, and headed off in the rain. Seemed heavier than yesterday.

Rained all the way to the motel near Natick, so popped into Owen O’Leary’s for lunch. Stood at the bar so the rain could run off my clothing. Food was OK, but the service was off.

Rode onto the motel. Luckily the rain had eased, as the zip on my waterproof jacket broke. In fact, by the time I had registered and placed my stuff into the room, the rain had stopped completely, and the sun was out!!!

Called James&Anne, made arrangements for tomorrow, had supper then to bed.