Sunday @ Longfellow’s Wayside Inn

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Sunday brought the promised snow!
And this is a colour photo!!!

Anne&James came along around noon. Jumped into their car and we rode to the Wayside Inn. The place is out in the countryside, and made famous by Longfellow. The inn is deceptive. You enter and there is a small bar on the right, and a museum room setup on the left. But as you go inside, there are more and more rooms.

We were a little early, but they found a table for us in a small room off the corridor.
Lunch was OK. We all had the lamb. It was well done, rather than pink.
Then we repaired to the bar for more chat and after dinner drinks. Lots of fun. The place reminded me of some of the old pubs in the UK.

We had a tour of the rest of the inn before we headed out, some 6hrs after arriving! Must have been lots of chat.

Anne&James drove me back to the motel. Enroute we had a cup of tea and more chat. A really nice day 🙂