Up this morning, bright and early to find the snow still abounds. Cleared off the bike and around the bike. However, reception did not sound too eager to have the walkways cleared, so made sure access to my room was clear.

Checked with the nearest Cycle Gear store to see if they had my selection of waterproof motorcycle jackets.
I had run my research for bike stores previously, and created a list of 4 jackets, plus a replacement Frogg Toggs. My Frogg Toggs broke it’s zip, in the rain, on the way into Boston 🙁
Why a whole new jacket? The zip on my motorcycle jacket is giving minor issues, and some of the stitching is coming undone. So the expensive choice is to buy a hi-viz waterproof jacket. The cheaper option is to buy a Frogg Toggs waterproof over-jacket, and then hope my regular jacket holds up.

Finding the store had at least 3 of my options, I phoned around looking for a rental car. No joy.

So in the early afternoon, suited up and rode over to Cycle Gear. Tried 3 jackets and ended up with a FirstGear, Hi-Viz. And a great chat ref Montreal and cougars 😉

Rode back in rush hour along back roads. Nice scenery. Filled up the bike, and parked just before dark. Still, this jacket should be bright enough, wot?


I am working on the theory that if I have a jacket that is obnoxiously bright, even the blind drivers will see me.
Though truth be told, outside of Miami and L-A, driving in the USA cities seems safer than Toronto’s.

Red Roof Inn had not cleared the walkways on our building’s north side 🙁 So, found a place to park the bike on the south side, and covered it up. Will be frost tonight, or worse.

Once in my room, I ordered Chinese food, and started the prep for tomorrow.
Albany anyone?