Deutschland, Deutschland,………

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Thanks to Andrew and Roman for getting me to the airport on time. Air Canada flew me out and landed on-time.

Plus I got to see ‘The Big Short’, a great movie. Scary and funny all at once. A damning indictment of the stupidity of the finance world. And the regulatory framework.

Followed that up with a nap, then an early start. whilst watching the latest StarWars movie (so-so).

A ride was organized from Frankfurt airport to the House of Knopf


Did you notice the motorcycle on the garage roof between the houses?

Paid and unpacked.

Nice chat with Ra-id (Kuwaiti prince;) who rides a BMW 1600RT. I almost rode one back @ the BMW Motorrad event in Mosport, but it was too heavy for me.

Checked out the Internet. Works well. But not from my room. Guess I will be spending time in the kitchen and back yard.

Went out for a stroll around the town. On this, a hot summer’s day. Yes, it is 27degC!!!!
A quick espresso, served properly with something sweet and water.

Then for supper, at a place called Dufke, just around the corner. Recommended by Beate (who manages this place).

The heat had made me thirsty, so a beer was needed.


Followed by a second…..


Which came just in time for the asparagas, new potatos and Hollandaise sauce……


Followed by liver&onions, with apple and spaetzle……


Good job I was hungry!!! Hahahahaha

Tomorrow I get to prep the bike and ride over to see Nigel. That should be fun.

G’nite all.

Ritchie says:

Food looks fantastic. Am hoping this time I can post my comments successfully. For some reason I’m unable to select the pictures to enlarge (on Android browser)–age and years of binge-drinking have left me unable to see the motorcycle on the roof.