Up early for another great breakfast.

Lub’d the chain and cleaned shocks and mirrors.
Completed the blog for yesterday. Monday was such a nice day 🙂

Chatted with Raid, back from his excursion to Vienna. Came back with a couple of friends, which is lucky as his BMW 1600 still needs some TLC.

Started planning the next day. Alps are cold and snowy. The south is hot and getting hotter. May run south, stay south, and then run up north and work my way to Pompey. That is the Portsmouth version. After doing the Italian version:)

All this was such hard work, so had a nap. Yes. It is a tough life being on the road. This is not for everybody.

Woke up to find Bob and Tracy still awake. They arrived from Nashville today. Nice couple. Retired building engineers.

They popped out for supper.

I realised that after today’s excursions, best to stay another night.
So did a walk-a-bout. Couple of beers and a Gerwuztraminer. Followed by a donner kebab 🙂

The other Bob from the USA was sat in the kitchen. Maybe everybody from the US who rides BMW is called Bob? hahaha

I sank a cople of beers as the sun went down……..
…… whilst updating the blog.

G’nite one and all.

Ritchie says:

What do you call a guy with no arms or legs floating in your swimming pool? Hahahaha.