First Ride in Germany :)

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Up for a late breakfast. Had awoken before 6am, but decided to sleep again. Felt much better at 10am! Had slept on the plane, and in the people-carrier taking us from the airport to Heidelberg. But obviously that was not enough!

Having prep’d the bike I headed out in search of fuel. I could only ship the bike with a quarter tank, or less, of petrol. So that was not going to get me anywhere far.
Horror of horrors. Germany is adding ethanol. NooOoooOOooooo. Took a bit of hunting to figure out which fuel to use. They start at 91RON and go up to 98RON, compared to 87-91RON in Canada, and 87-89RON in the USA. Please do not comment on my numbers. Higher octanes can be found in Canada and the USA, but it can be quite the adventure when you try to find them.
The next shock was the price. About 3x that in Canada. OK, so I am using 95RON vs 91RON, but even so…… Please send money… an expected 800litres on this trip…….

Bike ready. Checked and topped up with fuel. Time to go visiting.

Usually I would set the co-ordinates into my GPS and head off into the wide blue yonder. However, a regular GPS does not do well on a motorcycle. And a motorcycle GPS is $600+++. And what do you get for that money? If you buy a Garmin, you cannot set the HOME location. Seems like a minor inconvenience? When you are travelling to a new home every day, it is a major pain. And there are other issues with routing paths and the assumption that all corner stores sell petrol.
As for a TomTom. Home can be set, but why is the device so slow? The last unit was 10metres behind where it needed to be. Not an issue in a car where you can see the display in front of you, and hear the directions. But on a bike you take one quick look and ……… take the wrong turn. Plus, in the US, the TomTom had lots of wrong/old co-ordinates. And loading points-of-interest was a struggle.
So on this trip I am going back to the old ways. Bought a map (Michelin Guide to Europe) and am using that and Google to plan my route. Then cell-phone if I am lost.

How has it been?
Hilarious. I may be lost. But how come when I ask for directions, even the locals do not know where they are??????? hahahahaha
By the way. This happened in Canada too. I remember being in a kayak and pulling up to a cottage in Georgian Bay. People very nice, but no idea where their cottage was!

Michelin kindly highlights the scenic routes, so I took the longer and prettier way through Heidelberg. Rode by this bridge and the schloss.
View became even prettier the further I rode. Winding roads. Green hills. Fast rivers. And castles/fortifications everywhere. Perfect winding roads. New vistas that do not interfere with the riding.
You should all be happy I do not have a Go-Pro, else there would be a video here, which you would watch, then have to come over!!!!

Eventually found Seligenstadt where a chum from school days lives. Nigel went to Germany for a year, met Margaret, and the rest as they say, is history. Must say it worked for them. Both have aged much better than your’s truly. Must be the genes. Dear Dad. I have a complaint…..haha.
After a tour around beautiful and historic downtown, well I was lost, got my phone out and headed to their place. Nice. Lovely back garden, where Margaret made a real cup of tea 🙂 🙂 🙂
Nigel and I then took a stroll to a brew-pub for schnitzel and a brew. Not only were they good, but when I overtipped the waiter (not quite used to the money yet), he gave it back!!!

Need an excuse to go to the pub? One of the things that Nigel participates in, is the monthly English-speaking club. Held in a………..yes, you guessed it, a pub:)
PS: Did you spot Nigel in the picture?

The day was sunny and warm. And stayed that way, even in the evening. When, with directions from Nigel, I swiftly found the A5 and zoomed back home.
Yes Germans still drive fast. Some are doing 200++km/hr, which means you MUST check your mirrors twice, and look over your left shoulder before indicating and the same when pulling out.

As I rode into Heidelberg, I realized that I only had a vague sense of how to get to Stefan’s place. Still. Made it back, though there were a few wrong turns. Or as Ola would have said “adventures” 🙂
Nice to have a visual landmark, a motorcycle on the roof, to help guide you home.

In summary. This area is scenic. Food is good. Beer is excellent. And the people outstanding. Awesome.