Wednesday in Heidelberg-Kirchheim

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Up early. Had some work to do.
Thankfully that is fresh coffee available at the push of a button. Real coffee 🙂

Also had to check out my SPOT device, and ensure co-ordinates would reach this blog. Done:) See here. Yes. I am in the Knopf back yard.

For today
(1) Find a bicycle pump for my tires – DONE. See picture below. Yes that is an ordinary tire-pressure gauge next to the pump. AND, that tiny pump works. Takes up to 10 pumps to raise the pressure by a pound, but I usually only have to up the pressure by a couple of pounds. NOTE:the pump is hiding a flexible hose that screws onto the tire-valve 🙂
(2) Pack everything on the bike – DONE. A bit tight. Will see tomorrow 🙂
(3) Eat some bratwurst – DONE. Purchased at the local butchers, along with some sides. Bread from a local bakery. Pickled red cabbage from the local store. I like it here:)
Supper is served
(4) Plan tomorrow – DONE. Stuttgart via Baden-Baden. Heading for the Porsche & Mercedes museums. In the rain, so they say

But today has become HOT and SUNNY. Curtis a fellow Canadian (from Calgary) picked up his bike for a ride to Paris,
where his wife is waiting. You can read their blog here.
And though I was athletic, a long, long, very long time ago, I was not built for yoga. Even then. Want to see something impressive? Checkout Jill in Medellin!!!

Meanwhile. I think another beer, some cheese and strawberries are called for 🙂

Curtis says:

Hey! It was nice meeting you, thanks again for the excellent lunch. Could you please email me that photo you took of me? If you did, that would be the 1 and only photo to serve as a memory for yesterday. I’d like it to remember the nice meal we had, the road closure of the A6, rush hour traffic to bypass that road closure, then 200 km of cold solid rain without wearing any rain gear, before getting into Paris at 11:30 PM where a hot shower awaited me 🙂 I didn’t get a chance to buy a bottle of champagne as it was cold, dark and raining and I had no motivation for that sort of thing.

I see you’re on the road in Baden Baden, enjoy!