Was sad to leave. Staying at Stefan’s is a bit like seeing the world swing by the kitchen table.
A couple from Oz had arrived last night and joined me for breakast.
Kev from Utah was still here. Had the engine on his bike demolish itself yesterday, so was figuring out what to do. But was able to give advice as to crossing the alps.

Headed out in sun. Was quite the nice ride down the 3, then the autobahn, to Baden-Baden. Aside from the rain:) More of a drizzle, then sustained rain.
Why Baden-Baden? Had always heard this spa town, so curious to see what it is about.

All along the ride, the clouds made the hills look as if they were on fire.
And the town?
Smelled like…….money.

Rode through lots of the town. Ended up stopping here. Shops where there are no prices. Sure sign of money!

Had brought a picnic, so had a sausage and sippers of tea, then obtained directions from the helpful people at Information, and rode on. Scenic route.
Lots of other bikers too. Even in the rain. Lots of bikers:)