The Michelin map had a scenic route highlighted. Gernsbach. Bad Herrenalb. Dobel. Calmbach (now part of Bad Wildbad). And Calw.
After that I figured on taking the 295 into Stuttgart. Should miss the traffic. And who can resist a place call Ditzingen 🙂

The scenic route was truly scenic. Hills, rivers and trees, set between cute locations. And rain. And traffic. But the scenery and the roads made up for both inconveniences :):):)

Getting into Calw, the traffic was really bad, so I stopped off for a quick walk and another picnic. Rain was coming down much harder now. I parked up just where the bottom lamp-post is in the market square. Way past the fountain.

Decided to run straight to my hotel, rather than scouting out the museums. Good decision. Traffic around Stuttgart was HEAVY. Lots and very slow moving. I crossed a couple of highways using the 295, and it should have been a “gimmie” getting to the hotel, but……this is where a GPS comes in handy.

The BlackBerry Map app on my Q10 does not work the way it used to on my Bold. The app did not know that I was travelling AWAY from my destination!!! A big message saying ‘Turn around’ would have been helpful.
I started using the Map all 6km from the hotel. Quickly ended up 9km away having taken a wrong turn. hahahahaha
Lessons learned?
(1) Much more planning before trying to get to a destination, of the last few miles.
(2) And when using the app, ignore the planned route, it is too complicated to remember.
(3) Have the app recalculate the route each time you look at it. That way you get more detail in the overview, as the map covers a smaller area each time.

Still. Firmly mired in rush hour traffic, I stuck to my new approach and found the hotel AOK.
Initial impressions? Bosch and Mercedes are HUGE, here.

Cleaned the bike.
Tidied myself up.
Went for supper. Goulash and dumplings 🙂
A beer and a Stuttgart wine.
Slept like a log.
Was really tired. Despite most of the day being rain, I appear to have caught the sun. And the last couple of hours spent trying to find the hotel in rush-hour trffic, did not help.

Ritchie says:

Recommend you upgrade from the Q10 to the PRIV. Not just because the Android version of Maps works better (will save you a lot of hassle) but also because the screen is much much larger–really helps when navigating. Please take care not to push yourself into exhaustion. The good food, scenic rides, and German beer must really be wearing you down. LOL

biker says:

How did you get hold of a PRIV????