Up @ 6:30am which is when breakfast starts. Usual cereal, cold cuts, cheese, jams, fresh buns, orange juice, tea n coffee, plus boiled eggs n apples.

Updated the blog and caught up on my emails.

Bike ready to go, but decided to walk over to the Mercedes museum. Then take the tram to the Porche museum. Was an easy stroll. Past the 5 or so stadiae (is that the correct plural of stadium?)

The museum was everything you expect from Mercedes. Smart. Everything spotless and organized. You had the feeling of being cossetted.
Spent a couple of hours looking at cars and exhibits. Returned the audio-tour guide to find that I get to keep the Mercedes Museum neck-strap. Bonus!

Lunch was at their nice little restaurant, where my muddy boots and construction jeans were a little out of place. But hey! I am a biker dude;) Food was good. Waiter explained the tipping process! hahahahahaha.  20160513_1407_mercedesLunch_sm

Then I took a photos of a couple of Mercedes, never seen before in North America……
20160513_1430_mercedesMiniMiniVan_sm….and probably just as well. This red van is UGLY!

But a Mercedes Mini-van????


Walked over to the tram/light rail station. Bought a ticket at the machine and zoomed over to Porsche. WAY EASIER and FASTER than riding never mind driving.

First impression was that this museum is Porche. On entering, the impression was reinforced. Porsche have a reputation of doing stuff “just because” and that is how the building and staff are structured 🙁 However the restaurant looks to be well sorted, and you may need to dress. Cars were interesting, but the audio commentry did not apply to many vehicles.

Took this photo as I left. Quite the most impressive part…….20160513_1649_porsche_sm


From there back on the trams to O’Reilly’s Irish pub. Just to see if they will be showing the Leicester game on Sunday 😉 My thanks to Ray from Kildaire who took the trouble to check and find that ManCity and ManU games are being showed, but not the current champs versus last year champs 🙁


Ritchie says:

Why not try to find the Toronto FC vs. Vancouver Whitecaps game–which actually means something? And before you do, have a look at the highlights of last weekend’s Vancouver Whitecaps / Fire match. Check out the GK collision about 12 mins in–yikes! Plural of stadium is stadia or stadiums, but you’re in Germany so I would expect even the grammar to be overengineered. Ha!

biker says:

Even German TV showed the celebrations in Leicester 🙂